Research Areas

Our research activities centre on catalysis for molecular synthesis, from catalyst design to reaction discovery and application to desirable targets. Our main programmes are outlined below with subpages highlighting some particular themes of our work.

A substantial strand of our research concerns the development and study of new gold-catalyzed transformations. As well as other precious metal catalysis, we have active discovery projects with non-precious metals including copper and cobalt.

Our newly discovered transformations are aimed as tools to rapidly access useful new chemical space relevant to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors

Our main focus areas

Novel transformations – efficient new tools for complex molecule synthesis
Catalyst design – aqueous asymmetric catalysis / biocompatible catalysis / bifunctional and stimuli responsive ligands
Functional molecule design – for new molecular applications

The following pages will give oversight and further details about some of the themes of our research – the pages are being added to over the next months.